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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Moda Cucina is hiring

Paul Hatziiliades, the owner of Moda Cucina (who I wrote about back in August), wrote me to say that the Boston-based manufacturer of high-end green modern kitchens and cabinetry is hiring a senior salesperson and kitchen designer.

This position will be based out of the Boston Design Center showroom, and will entail working with high-end clients, architects, and other design professionals, creating concepts, selling the company's products and services, and managing the client's interaction with the company.

Extensive experience is required, preferably 5-10+ years, but exceptions can be made for special cases. Above all this position requires a people person, with strong luxury sales skills, someone who is a "super networker" and has established industry contacts.

Compensation is excellent and rewarded generously with performance. Full support staff is at your disposal, including CAD/Engineering support, manufacturing, and installation.

Stop selling other people's cabinetry and start designing your own! We are local, green, and build world class designs.

All applicants should email their resume and cover letter to paulh@modacucina.com.

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