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Friday, January 18, 2008


You may recall that I moved a few months back. Well, my son's room is finally coming together. He doesn't have anything super special, just a bed, dresser, places to store toys... You know, a kids' room.

Tonight, I noticed one thing that his room needs: hooks for hanging jackets or sweatshirts. A short time later, after putting the little man to bed, I'm bouncing around the blogosphere, checking out other design blogs. Over at Blue decor, there it is: The Gumhook.

Japanese industrial designer Gaku Otomo has developed a "soft, silicon hook perfect for people, things and walls." For people, because there are no sharp edges so kids won't hurt themselves on it. For things, because you won't catch your clothes on it. And for walls, because even when you remove the Gumhook from the wall, there are no marks left behind.

The online store that Blue decor linked to is in Europe, where it's listed for 11.00 EUR (roughly $16US). Not bad, but I'm sure shipping from the Netherlands to Boston would be killer. Does anyone know a store in the U.S. that carries the Gumhook?


Traci said...

Vessel carries them but I'm not sure what the price is. Oh, and Gradon I'm bag tagging you!

Traci said...

I just checked, they're $14.