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Friday, March 23, 2007

Good 50x70

Calling all young (and young-at-heart) creative types: Good 50x70 is your chance to help make a difference.

"Good 50×70 is a contest open to student and creatives (graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, etc.). "

Basically, design and submit a poster relating to one of five big social issues: AIDS, environmental damage, human rights violation, underdevelopment and war. A jury of ten industry experts will select a finalist group of 30, which will then be cut down to ten "Good 50x70". One poster from each issue will be selected as "Grand Winner".

"All the finalists posters will be gathered in an exhibition. The same artwork will be also collated in a catalogue. The aim of the contest is to raise public awareness particularly amongst people inside the communication industry, and the relevance and importance of social communication."

Since this is a contest for charity, there is no cash prize, but there is the chance to get worldwide exposure, which could be worth a lot more than you could win in such a contest.

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