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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I got an email from Lisa Clunie. She and her husband James (who's originally from Boston), both admitted to be "a little studious, a little geeky and a lot into design," created Rhombus, a line of casual clothing that reflects those qualities.

Using such "geeky" patterns as the standardized test form or binary code, or accents like oversized zippers in contrasting colors, they have created (as they so eloquently put it) outfits that are "studious, but not stuffy. Fun, but not funny. Cool without all the effort. Something for us computer kids who like science and math and bugs."

Being one of those "computer kids", I have to say I really like the clothes. Honestly, I think I like the women's lines better (who's going to debate that women's clothing isn't usually more attractive than men's? Hello, curves?), but if James and Lisa wanted to toss a binary code shirt my way (hint, hint), I'd rock it.

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