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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yellow Bell Pepper Design

Wow, the Boston design blog scene is just blowing up! Okay, we're up to four, but that's four-times more than last August, when Holly at decor8 was the only game in town.

Our newest entry into the blogosphere is Jen, a freelance writer living in Boston (although "home" is somewhere three or so hours southwest of here, ahem). She runs Yellow Bell Pepper Design. Why a yellow bell pepper? "What I love about the yellow bell pepper is its crisp flavor, but I think that even to look at it--all dramatic shape and grand yellow--is a delight. In this blog I seek out design as fresh, bold and soulful as a yellow bell pepper." I don't think I'll ever looked at a pepper the same way again.

YBPD has only been up since March 1, and already she has over 40 posts. This girl can WRITE! Her posts are sparsely worded, getting the idea out very quickly and concisely (quite the opposite of my long-windedness). And photos, boy does she have 'em - every post has multiples, showing the beauty of whatever is being featured.

Jen, thank you for creating YBPD and joining the growing ranks of Boston-based design bloggers. We should all get together sometime.


Jeniffer said...

Gradon, thank you so, so much!!! You have NO idea how much I appreciate that you like my site. I have actually been somewhat discouraged lately, and you just gave me a major boost. And thank you for saying I am good writer. That's kind of the nicest thing anyone can say to me. You overall just made my day, basically.

And yes, us Boston design bloggers should definitely all get together sometime.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Jeniffer Almonte

kat said...

Hi Gradon, I wrote you an email saying hi a few weeks back. I am a graphic designer. I use to work on Newbury Street for six years, now I have my own design studio south of boston.

You can check out my blog at
Taylor Made designs. I was just featured by Typepad which was a great experience.

My blog is a mixture of design, crafts + my kids :)

Hope to see you around.