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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jaguar CX-F

When you think of a Jaguar (the car, not the big cat), you typically think of a stately British car with a traditional design theme that traces back decades of the company's history.

Well, that might change soon. This past January (yes, I'm way late in posting this), Jaguar introduced the CX-F concept. The first thing you notice is the roofline: much like the Mercedes CLS, the sleek roofline give the sedan an almost coupe-like appearance.

In the front of the car, you see a large, recessed mesh grille. On either side, Jaguar has done away with the traditional twin headlamp style for a more, well, cat-like look.

The inside of the car features carbon fiber, torch-darkened poplar, and machined aluminum for a blend of luxury and performance. Jaguar was one of the first to introduce a gated shifter, but has replaced that in the CX-F with a rotary dial - just twist it to the desired setting, and off you go.

While the CX-F is a concept, it has been positioned as the basis for the next generation of Jaguar sedans. Quite a step forward, I say.

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