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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tesla Roadster

The other day, I said I dreamed of a car with supercar performance and stellar gas mileage. Wouldn't you like that too? How does 0-60 MPH in 4 seconds sound? A top speed of 135 MPH? Or the equivalent to 135 miles per gallon? Oh, and it rides so quietly, you'd be forgiven for thinking it didn't have an engine. (That's because it doesn't)

Meet the Tesla Roadster, a two-seat roadster that runs completely off of electricity. It can go up to 250 miles between charges, and with the cost of electricity, it costs about one cent per mile - compare that to your car.

Its style is reminiscent of the Lotus Elise, a car that I absolutely love (beyond design, I'm a car nut, too). The low stance, aerodynamic angles, the fins in the hood to push air up over the hood, it has the looks to match the performance.

Aside from it's performance and great fuel economy, it's a fairly luxurious ride, too. Available options include two-tone premium interior ($1,800), touch screen navigation ($1,200), and a matching body-colored hardtop roof ($3,200). Add that to the $92,000 base price, and you get a pretty expensive car, but no other car at that price is both as fast and as clean.


Anonymous said...

Um sorry for the late post but it does have an engine, just not an IC engine. It does however, lack a transmission, camshaft...blah blah blahs that are associated with the IC engine

Gradon said...

You're right, the Tesla doesn't have an IC engine. What the Tesla, and any other electric vehicle, has is a motor. Semantics.

Thanks for the comment!