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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Megan Ueberroth

I recently received a message in the Dwell Connect community from Megan Ueberroth. Megan is an abstract painter living in the San Fransisco Bay Area that works solely in environmentally friendly materials. As she puts it, "My mission is to create beautiful work that helps keep the environment beautiful, too!"

Megan says that her work is "
often related to nature, not in a specific sense, but more in the general way we perceive it. Sublime and yet chaotic." She says viewers often see birds flying, or leaves falling, or other elements of nature. "None of these things are purposefully created in my paintings, but like all of these things, possess beautiful patterns and movement that the viewers mind is constantly trying to organize and understand."

Yes, she may be an out of towner, but Megan's combination of wonderful imagery and eco-friendly materials makes her welcome here anytime.

1 comment:

Bart / Pennsylvania said...

Megan's work is awe inspiring! You can literally stare at it for hours and constantly see new things appear. I acquired some of her work before she became so succesfull and everyone who enters my home raves about it. If you are considering an original piece of art you really need to visit her website.